When I look at the schedules of the families who come to our center, and think about the days that our kids experience, I feel overwhelmed. I am constantly amazed at the way that our parents and amazing kids keep up their energy and maintain those busy schedules. So amidst it all, I can understand how difficult it is to fit in another hour of therapy a week. However, I also believe in how important physical therapy is for kids who need it. Physical therapy can help support all areas of a child’s development. Don’t just take it from me, though! Here’s a parent’s testimonial about her family’s experience with physical therapy for her son:

“We knew adding physical therapy to our son’s busy therapy regiment would be beneficial but we had no idea how much it would develop his strength, coordination and confidence in such a short period of time.  It was exactly what he needed for gaining the ability to conquer his fears on the playground as well as in elementary PE.  Carrie Hoyt had the exact recipe for breaking down challenges into appropriate steps and encouraging him to continue trying new and difficult tasks while giving the right amount of support and encouragement. Our son blossomed under her care and direction.  Among the many goals she worked on were developing his core strength and balance, identifying and working on visual motor challenges and encouraging confidence in his abilities so that he doesn’t have to feel different from the other kids.  He used to watch the others navigate the playground and hang his head in despair because he couldn’t do what they were doing. The smile on his face and the look of pride in his eyes I see when he slides down the fire pole, climbs the rock wall or rides his bike at the park says it all.  I can’t say thank you enough for the amazing support physical therapy has played in our son’s development and self esteem.  I am so grateful to Lakeside Center for Autism for providing such amazing therapists and care to our son and so many amazing kids.”

Posted by: Carrie, Physical Therapist


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