“If you never did, you should! These things are FUN and fun is good!” –Dr. Seuss

The grin on the kiddo’s face above and the quote by Dr. Seuss summarize what we think about working on motor skills: it should be FUN! There are lots of little ways to incorporate fun motor skill development into the day and, as part of National PT Month, we’d like to share some of these ideas!

First up: Crab walking! Crab walking is silly and also works on the following skills:

  • Core strength
  • Upper body strength
  • Lower body strength
  • Coordinating the Left and Right sides of the body
  • Coordinating the upper and lower body
  • Promoting an alternating, reciprocal pattern of movement
  • Planning a sequence of movement (“arm, leg, arm, leg”)
  • Planning a path for movement (steering around corners in a hallway or around furniture)

Crab walking works the whole body! It can be tiring, so gradually building up the time and distance for crab walking allows the child to build endurance of the brain and the muscles without being overwhelmed.  Try going from the bathroom to the bedroom crab walking for a week, then try a longer distance the next week, such as the bathroom to the living room! Once the child has built some endurance for crab walking, you can increase the challenge by trying crab walking backwards or sideways or playing crab soccer! (Did you know crabs like to play soccer? They do!) Most of all, be creative and have fun! Also, give a try with your kiddo – it is a good workout for adults, too!

Posted by : Amanda and Carrie, Physical Therapists


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